Almanac Industries



We met at art school – a sculptor and a photographer – and quickly fell in love making books late at night. So we got married, made Baltimore our home, adopted a beautiful dog and began Almanac Industries: the culmination of our love of goods both old and new, our constant search for the unique and an obsession with having a pile of things we created with our own hands at the end of each day..

Inside our studio there is our “new” early 20th century Chandler & Price Press, our rescued cast iron book presses, a handsome steelcase desk and all the handtools a leatherworker could ask for. And in the corner there's a sweet little spot for our two kiddos to play, though they tend to choose a spot right by our sides.


Jacob, my handyman husband, always ready-to-fix-it-right-now. He wishes he could spend everyday brushing dust off artifacts, wearing safari hats and reclaiming old tools. He’s my builder, the traditional one. Yearning for a random fact?…He’s got plenty.


Whitney, she is the patient one, the editor. The one I rely on to get all the measurements right. She's likely to show up for a party in a dress she has sewn herself while carrying a plate of croissants she's been making since yesterday. And lately, she'll also be wearing our daughter and holding our son's hand all along the way as well.